About Us - Ntuthuko Promotions and Marketing


Ntuthuko Promotions and marketing is a nationally renowned
and award-winning marketing agency that provides creative,
effective and affordable marketing services to businesses in
South Africa. The company has an efficient, qualified, driven,
committed and experienced workforce. Ntuthukopm was
established in the year 2017 and has since assisted business
owners all over South Africa and formed sustainable
relationships with stakeholders.

We will become the leading marketing
agency in SA serving small to large
organizations in different sectors,
including governmental organizations.


Transparency & honesty:

We are committed to communicating
openly with all the stakeholders involved in our business.
o Respect:

We are dedicated to giving equal treatment to all people
from different walks of life.
o Customer service:

❖ Time: We make fast deliveries.
❖ Attitude: We are friendly and calm at all times and never
forget to smile.
❖ Quality: We don’t compromise on quality. We deliver
services of high quality at all times.
❖ Helpfulness: We help customers make the best buying
decisions and offer helpful advice to customers.
o Persistence:

Persistence brings victory. We never give up or give
in to fear. We consistently develop and redevelop our services to
satisfy our customers’ needs.
o Growth:

We value growth which is why we are open minded,
humble and have the zeal to learn. We take every opportunity
that avails itself to learn new things. We perceive everything that
seems like a failure as a lesson. Where people see failure, we see
unfinished success.
o Boldness:

We are bold to take the first step, make the first
approach and the first follow up. Where there is an opportunity,
we jump

We are on a mission to grow
businesses in South Africa through the
provision of efficient and effective DIY,
traditional and digital marketing
solutions such as market research,
marketing plans, sales plans and profit
plans, social media marketing, cold
calling and m


Shogole Matilda
Miss Shogole is an accomplished, passionate and qualified business woman. She has years of experience in the marketing industry and is co-founder of two well-of companies. She is a customer advocate and believes in fair marketing practices. Miss Shogole possesses, among many, a marketing degree from the University of Pretoria. And with her excellent personal selling and negotiation skills, she teaches entrepreneurs how to sell their products and services while maintaining good business relationships with their clients.

Mondlane Sellinah
Miss Mondlane is a charismatic born leader. She is an author, public speaker and qualified business woman. She puts her giving spirit to use as a youth leader and treasure of a local clinic committee. Her organization, planning and leadership skills ensure the smooth running of the small business advocate company, Ntuthuko PM. These skills also contribute to the optimal management of fellow entrepreneurs’ businesses.